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        • Name: Vertical Impact Crusher
        • Number: 6
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        Brief introduction of Sand Making Machine:

        (1) Simple and reasonable structure. Smooth operation and low operating cost.

        (2)Two states of "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron" can be changed freely. The sand making machine equipment can be applied to manufacturing sand as crushing stones. The "stone hitting stone" technology not only reduces parts friction but also cuts down manufacturing cost.

        (3)Low energy consuming, high yield, large breaking proportion and energy save.

        (4)The equipment is capable of shaping out products. Products take a cubic shape and enjoy high bulk density.

        (5)During the manufacturing, stone materials can form a protective bottom to avoid wearing the equipment, so the equipment is durable in use.

        (6)Few abrasive parts are made of wearing resistant material of special hardness, which is small in volume, low in weight and easy to be changed.

        (7)Automatic air circulatory system can purify concentrative screening powder

        (8)Water content of the material exerts little influence, and maximum contenting water can be 8%.

        (9)Lubrication oil station is adopted to lubricate the major bearing in circulation to ensure a constant oil supply. It can realize automatic control and accident alert.

        (10)The upper is uplifted by hydraulic system, and operation is simple.

        Advantages and characteristics:

        (1)With alloy blade in hammer, extend;

        (2)Lubrication system ensures more stable operation;

        (3)Adjustable hopper ensures the best inlet amount;

        (4)Cubic particles;

        (5)High output and low power;

        Model Max feed size(mm) Power(Kw) Impeller speed(r/min) Output(t/h) Overall dimension(mm) Weight(not include motor)(Kg)
        PCL-600 35 22-55 2000/3000 12-30 2500×Ф1600×2260 5600
        PCL-750 45 45-90 1500/2500 25-55 2780×Ф1800×2700 7300
        PCL-900 50 90-180 1200/2000 55-100 3900×Ф2160×2770 12100
        PCL-1050 60 150-264 1000/1700 100-160 4660×Ф2450×3660 16900
        PCL-1250 60 264-440 850/1450 160-300 5600×Ф2950×4000 22000
        PCL-1350 60 320-440 800-1193 200-360 5340×Ф2940×3650 26000