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        Vertical preheater is one of the main equipments of active limestone. The main function is to send limestone materials sent by the upper part to the preheater body, while using the emitted high temperature gas (1150 ) after calcination, preheat the materials to about 900 evenly. During the preheat process, 30% CaCO3 is decomposed in the preheater, then by the hydraulic pressure stick putting into the rotary kiln to calcinate. This kind of technology not only shortens the calcined time in the kiln, but also can obtain higher degree of activity of the lime.


        Vertical preheater system mainly consists of six main parts.

        1, the upper feeding system: includes the upper hopper, the next material possession, the next feeding method and structure can guarantee to the pre-heater of the body feeding to achieve security when closed, so that the cold air from outside can not enter into the preheater , and feeding can make use of valve rod to achieve continuous or intermittent feeding.

        2, preheater body: it is to ensure that material preheated to 900 degrees Celsius of the most important part, it is by the warm room, hanging devices and brick lining (which does not belong to the scope of design and manufacturing equipment) and other parts. According to the need, the material uses a heat-resistant steel and It can work under 1100 degrees celsius high temperatures. In addition, the refractory bricks lining structure, novel design, good sealing, can guarantee the material in pre-heater evenly and achieve pre-heating temperature preheating.

        3, the hydraulic system: includes tanks, pumps, motors, solenoid valves, hydraulic tubing, etc., his main role is to control the pusher device to push the completion of material movement.

        4, bottom feeding room: The main include slide tube, feeding the main room, feeding slip mouth and so on, its main role is to import the materials after preheating rotary kiln calcinations.

        5, Framework: It includes columns and ring beam and so on, the main role is to carry The upper part of the structure.

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